ElectroicsElectronic circuit design service

Our hardware design services include:

1. Schematic diagrams and PCB design

・Customized circuit design
・Improved design of circuit board for prototype to mass production
・Improved circuit board from successor model

2. Modeling and simulation:

・Thermal simulation
・Signal integrity analysis (SI)
・Electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC)
・Power integrity analysis (PI)
・Temperature test (Automotive and Industrial standards)

3. Microcircuit programming and IP kernel design

・Wired / wireless communication equipment
・Home appliances
・Multimedia and entertainment
・Automotive electronics
・Development of industrial automatic control equipment


Design Area Example

  • Automotive

    ・Audio tester for Automotive
    ・Multifunction handy tester for vehicles

  • Tester device

    ・Coil test system
    ・Mass production parameter writing device
    ・Brake Bench simulator
    ・Heater controller function tester

  • Communication area

    ・USB for RS485/422 converter
    ・4 channel infrared receiver