Industrial-検査装置製造事例-Inspection equipment manufacturing example

Industrial Control: Solution for the development of electronics and software KoyoDenshi has been working on the Japan market for over 35 years. So, over this time, we have gained considerable experience and created a large portfolio of completed projects in the field of industrial automation and specialized electronic control systems.

The core competences competencies of our team of engineers and programmers include the following jobs:

・Development of communication controllers and industrial products
・Development of panel controllers (HMI) with resistive and capacitive touch controls
・Development of industrial controllers (PLC)
・Development of AMR, APCS and IoT controllers
・Development of drivers for Embedded Linux, C, C# and etc.

Our solutions for industrial production

1 stage
< Discussion of development >

・Concept development reference from customers, technical inspection and budget

2 stage
< Circuit & program development plan>

・ Preparing Terms of Reference
・ Hardware & Software design
・ Analysis and modelling

3 stage

・Quality control in production
・ Function tests development

Platform solution for industrial control

We have developed a range of platform solutions, such as Inline function tester, Metal Cutting Process Inspection System, AGV (automatic conveyor) control device, etc.

Purpose and problems:
Inspections after cutting process so far all rely on visual checks, which resulted in a tremendous number of man-hours resulting in an increase in overtime of workers. In addition, due to differences in workers' abilities, defective items were mixed and received complaints. Moreover, since it was not possible to prove verification of processing quality and the investigation also required enormous manpower and time.

By combining the image camera with a multi-axis robot and a general-purpose parts feeder, automatic picking and automatic image inspection are possible, thereby reducing the operator. By leaving the image camera image and the inspection record, it was effective in reducing the man-hour for handling customer defects.

Purpose and problems:
Function tests have been carried out with function testers after completing all assembling processes so far, but most of the NG products were caused by board mounting defects or electronic device defects. Therefore, there was a problem that unnecessary cost was required to repair including non-defective parts other than board.

By carrying out in-circuit test after board mounting and performing function test, defective products on the board can be detected, leading to cost improvement of other good parts and others. In addition, it became possible to export only the board, and the knockdown production by the board supply to an overseas factory was possible.

Purpose and problems:
A customer was looking for technical contractors who can unwire the simple control AGV and consult from the factory layout to the control method and device selection on the premise of interlocking with the in-plant system.

We have coordinated the AGV wireless and all kinds of sensors, traffic lights and control equipment. Although there were many problems such as problems of communication protocols and poor electromagnetic wave environment in an unwired process, in parallel with the installation work on site, it solved the problem and started operation.