Embedded-組込ソフト技術-Software design

Embedded software service

  As an embedded systems company, we are ready to design the system and application software for your ready-made embedded hardware.
  Our engineers support our customers at all stages of software development for electronic devices and embedded systems.

Software design for electronics includes following but not limited to:

1. Linux Embedded Software

2. Various inspection equipment utilizing CAN communication

3. Embedded programming into hardware

4. Wireless communication module design

5. Optimization of portable and wearable systems
(Power consumption, performance tuning, battery life etc.)



Various software examples

  • IoT/Network Protocols

    ・WiFi IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad
    ・RS-485 and RS-232

  • Embedded software

    ・Various MPU ; Renesas, ARM, PIC
    ・Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
    ・Design of C, C#, C++
    ・Design of Java

Networking hardware and equipment / IoT

We design bespoke hardware and network appliances for efficient data processing:
  ・End-user equipment: home networking device, wireless board controller, etc.
  ・Industrial network equipment and industrial Internet of Things (IoT): smart vending machine
  ・Custom FPGA logic board network for high-performance computing and data-transfer applications

・ワイヤレス通信モジュール(ISM、WiFi、Zigbee、ZWave、Bluetooth Classic、BLE、UWB)との統合