Mobile software development -PC/モバイルソフト技術-PC/モバイルソフト技術

PC / mobile software technical service

KoyoDenshi software engineers have developed systems and user software for broadband electronics,we develop software for PC, smartphone, tablet, portable multimedia.

Application software development and Graphic User Interface (GUI) design

We develop user/application software to expand the functionality of various devices:
1. PC application development
2. Graphic user interface design for touch screen and LCD screen devices
3. Network and multimedia application development
4. Maintenance and consulting in the following fields:

・Realization of smart devices by using IoT
・Testing the control of in-vehicle electronic equipment

Various software examples

  • PC software

    Graphical user interface (GUI)
    ・Visual studio,Visual Basic
    ・MatLab-block diagram

  • Mobile Software

    iOS, Android
    ・Network and multimedia application development (Android and iOS)

Our mobile application case examples

  • 顧客探知機
  • 野菜de電卓
  • StressFreeee
  • ワンたく
  • ニャンたく