Mass-production manufacturing service

From mass production of complete turnkey projects to the manufacturing of printed circuit boards,
and the installation and assembly of electronic devices, KoyoDenshi engages in all levels of manufacturing support.

Advantages of requesting Koyo Denshi

・We can manufacture from a single item by hand-soldering, which can reduce the initial cost.
・We will discuss the budget and production management with you, and will be honest in our response.
・We will work with electronic technology specialists (managers, engineers, and designers) to ensure that the work is carried out in a solid manner.
・We are able to link electronic device manufacturing, housing design and manufacturing, prototype manufacturing, and production start-up in a single integrated process.
・We have a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process of complex electronic products based on our many years of experience.
・Our innovative engineering team supports efficient manufacturing.
・We have a production system that can flexibly control each stage of the production process.
・We have the planning capability to manage the timely production and shipment of finished products.

Our Scope of Responsibility

We will take control of the entire electronics production process and perform any or all of the following tasks:

1.  Device installation and assembly

   ・Purchasing the necessary parts for the project
   ・Acceptance inspection of parts and assemblies according to standards
   ・Design of test methods optimized for each item
   ・Design and manufacture of prototypes and prototypes
   ・Check individual functions of assembled products
   ・Firmware installation and overall operational testing

2.  Manufacture of printed circuit board (PCB), cables wiring, etc.

3.  Follow up from prototype development to mass production design

4.  Packaging as electronic products

5.  Quality control in the production stage

6.  Implementation of certification testing


・PSE conformance Test