ElectroicsElectronic circuit design service

Our hardware design services include:

1. Schematic diagrams and PCB design

   ・Customized circuit design
   ・Improved design of circuit board for prototype to mass production
   ・Improved circuit board from successor model

2. Modeling and simulation:

   ・Electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC)
   ・Temperature test (Automotive and Industrial standards)

3. Microcircuit programming and IP kernel design

Our key areas of expertise in hardware development:
   ・Wired / wireless communication equipment
   ・Home appliances
   ・Multimedia and entertainment
   ・Automotive electronics
   ・Development of industrial automatic control equipment


Design Area Example

  • Automotive

    ・Audio tester for Automotive
    ・Multifunction handy tester for vehicles

  • Tester device

    ・Coil test system
    ・Mass production parameter writing device
    ・Brake Bench simulator
    ・Heater controller function tester

  • Communication area

    ・USB for RS485/422 converter
    ・4 channel infrared receiver

Our key areas of expertise in hardware development:

1. Telecommunications

2. Consumer electronics

3. Multimedia and entertainment

4. Automotive electronics

5. Industrial and home automation communications

What solutions do we offer as a PCB designer ?

1. Design of various types of PC boards

   ・Analogue, digital, high-frequency
   ・One and two-sided PCBs
   ・Multilayer boards with BGA packaged, with blind and buried vias

2. Custom FPGA logic board for available to support device function

3. Hardware simulation, analysis and modeling

Simulation and Analysis : What solutions do we offer in analysis process ?

1. Hardware simulation and analysis, 3D modeling

We use 3D (SolidWorks) modeling with 3D printer

2. Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis (EMC)

Checking the electromagnetic compatibility of the circuit board layout allows to:
   ・Reduce the number of iterations
   ・Reduce the time of certification testing
   ・Improve the electromagnetic compatibility of complex integrated devices

3. Temperature test (Automotive and Industrial standards)

We test the product follow the automotive and industrial standards
in a constant humidity/temperature chamber, and etc. follow as your requirements.