Production testing service

Hardware and software testing during all the electronics development stages ensures high quality of the final product.
The services of 「Koyo Denshi Co.,Ltd.」 include testing of software and hardware platforms, testing of printed circuit boards (PCB) and post manufacturing tests (JTAG-testing, etc.)

Technical area

  • Analysis and development

    ・Verification of design document and specification
    ・Identification and analysis of errors detected during software and hardware testing

  • Hardware testing

    ・Circuitry inspection
    ・Development of software for PCB functional testing at the time of production
    ・Testing of the hardware platform and its functional nodes (processor, memory, interfaces, power, etc.)
    ・PCB trace inspection

  • Functional testing (FCT)

    ・Functionality testing is a test done on software for compliance with specifications requirements
    ・Integration testing is testing the application's interaction with external systems including specific
     hardware products and device drivers
    ・Check whether the features defined in the specification are executed correctly.

  • Preparation of products

    ・Preparation and completion of certification testing documents
    ・Involvement of our company's experts in certification testing
    ・Consultation assistance in solving related problems